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Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language by means of an equivalent target-language. Translation is not only the passage from one language to another, but also the passage from one culture to another, and this process cannot be realised by an algorithm translation.

A good translation oscillates between literal translation and paraphrase. The risk of literal or word-for-word translation is that the translation would become unintelligible. The final text should appear to a native speaker of the target language to have been originally written in that language. It should conform to its grammar, spelling, syntax and idiom as well as its culture.


I also offer transcription services. This is the passage of a French audio document to a written text in French. It is always easier to understand a written text rather than a quick flow of incomprehensible sounds. A final translation of the transcription is also possible.

Integral or partial transcription of conferences, meeting, debates, interviews, recorded messages left on your answer machine and videos (with permission required for copyright material). Kindly submit your audio or video document in French.


This is a careful reading of a document to detect and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, style or punctuation. For a quote kindly submit your document in French.


I regularly assist people with property sales, during custodies and hearings.

But you might also need my interpretation services for a driving test, medical appointments or, for instance, to draft a marriage contract at a solicitor's.

I have interpretated for children too.

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Translation, Transcription and Proof-reading services.